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Discovery and Prep for LitRPG

Today, while researching topics on self-publish promoting, I came across a sub-genre I’d not heard of before “LitRPG”, short for Literature Role Playing Game, is a literary genre based on combining all the key components of MMORPGs with science-fiction fantasy novels. Currently, I have a 2nd book in the Gorp series and a new Game Book / Choose Your Own Adventure fantasy series. After reading up on LitRPG and a few samples of works like The Land: Founding and Eden’s Gate: The Reborn, I decided to add one more project to my growing love of writing and will now be writing a new Sci-Fi LitRPG series set on Mars in the near future. As I see most of the novels are written in a first-person POV, this will complete my yearn to write in all three perspectives.

If you’d like to learn more about LitRPG this is a good starting point website –


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