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Gorp 3 Update

So yesterday, I saw a very rough draft of the Gorp 3 novel book cover, “Gorp: Defender of the Realm”. It’s by the same artist who has done the previous two and it looks amazing! Of course, with any work of art and interpretation, there were changes to be made, modifications, and things that need to be added. But the final book cover will finally show Gorp with his traveling goblin companions and another story character besides Gorp will be shown on the cover. If you’re not already on the LJR Publishing Newsletter, sign up now, as I will be doing the book cover reveal there before the actual book releases in late May 2019. The next monthly LJR Publishing newsletter goes out May 15.

I’m also running 2 giveaways for a paperback copy of the 1st Gorp book. One giveaway will be for new members of the Newsletter that sign up before May 10th, the other will be selected from all the current Newsletter subscribers on May 10th that are already subscribed.

Click HERE to sign up for the giveaway if you’re not already on the newsletter. If you are, just remain subscribed as your entry.

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