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Signage and Delays

It’s been a few weeks since my last update, so I thought I’d spend a few moments tonight to provide some updates.

As the title indicates, I’ve got some new signs made for LJR Publishing and will be displaying those first at the upcoming SupaNova Comic & Gaming Con in Sydney this weekend, starting Friday (Jun 21st). I created Book Posters, which are large A2 sized posters of the book covers for my Gorp the Goblin trilogy. I plan to hang these up around my booth or in front of the table, so large crowds of people can see what it is I’m about without having to come near my table to see the books themselves. Below, I’ve also made an Exhibition Banner from the amazing artwork of Simon Tjong of the full book covers of all 3 books.

The other part of the title of this blog is Delay. I haven’t mentioned much about the release of “Gorp: Defender of the Realm”, which was originally supposed to release on May 20th, 2019. However, I felt the book needed to go through the editing process a bit more before releasing it to the public and have decided to continue with that process through the month of June with a hopeful new release date for the final book sometime towards the end of this month (June 2019). The book will be available in both eBook and Paperback for sure by July 2019. I look forward to this release and the end of the trilogy and hope everyone enjoys the story about a goblin named Gorp. If you haven’t seen the 3rd book cover it yet, I’ve posted it to my Instagram account, which you should follow if you haven’t already.

I won’t be taking much of a break after Gorp, as the fantasy anthology “Tales of Agrobathe” is already in production and has 7 stories completed for the book. These will be a collection of short stories all set within my original fantasy World of Agrobathe, which I’ve spent over 10 years worldbuilding and continue to this day building. I plan to release the first volume of that anthology series sometime before Nov. 2019. As in November 2019, I’ll be starting a new genre (Sci-Fi) and series called “Dark Dwellers”. It’s a busy year for me and I don’t plan to slow down into 2020, which I’ll finally be able to get to my Interactive fantasy book series. To keep up on the projects I’ve completed, are working on, or have planned, you can check the Project Page.

I also added a new page to my website of all the Interviews I’ve had over the years. Check out Interviews to read more details.

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