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Ironfest 2019

Last weekend, I attended Ironfest 2019 for the 2nd time. Last year, was my first time running a book-stall ever. A little has changed in that year. I currently have two books published, instead of just the one. Instead of just having a table inside the ballroom hall, I now have my own stall tent and was outside. I can tell my stall got a lot more traffic this year, but I think it may have been harder to see my books because of it. As a result, I learn that I’m going to need to up my signage game and have BIG works that tell what I sale…”Fantasy”!

I did sell a few books, but I handed out even more free bookmarks with Gorp on them and business cards with my contact details. I’m hoping somewhere in the next few weeks, I see an uptick in eBook sales from those. But if not, I’ll be appearing at the Sydney Supanova Comic-Con next month. I do not have current numbers, but in 2014 that venue saw 50k+ in attendance in Sydney alone. I’ll hopefully have new copies of my 3rd Gorp book by then as well.

Back to Ironfest, even don’t my book sales don’t seem to do as well at that venue, there is something special about that venue up in Lithgow, NSW Australia that keeps bringing me back. If you ever get the chance to go, I encourage you to see it at least once. Being from the U.S., I come with high expectations and can say out of all the events the faires I’ve seen in Australia, this one is special and unique. I already plan to attend next year and to do the outside stall again. Hopefully, by this time next year, I’ll have a small library of books under my name as well as other content, such as original t-shirts, poster maps, and giftware, in addition to my books.

My table all set-up within my purple tent stall.
By connecting out tents together, I shared this space at Ironfest with two other authors and clothing vendor. Always look for the purple top tent if I am at an event as I am usually one of the few with this color.
Even the Goblin King himself stopped by and approved of Gorp: Goblin Janitor.
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