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St. Ives Medieval Faire 2019

Location: St. Ives Medieval Faire – St. Ives, NSW, Australia

This was my 2nd time at St. Ives Medieval Faire as a vendor and this time last year, it was my first time to be a vendor at a Medieval Faire. This event did not disappoint and my fanbase has grown larger. This event is tied with Winterfest as one of my best events for book signings. This also happened to be the first event where I finally had copies of the complete Gorp the Goblin trilogy. A few first-time readers bought the entire trilogy as books there at the faire.

I had my purple tent with event banner which drew the crowds.

For this event, I had the same setup as I did before at Winterfest with the same co-stall holders, Author Natasja Rose and Master Quilter Barbara Wood.

Lady Natasja, Lord Jon Ray, and Lady Barbara

Helping me sell my books and promoting my wares was my lovely assistance Lady Tasha Masters. She did a great job and even got a few readers to take photos with the author (me). It also was nice to be able to sit back a bit more and answer questions and sign the books, while she worked the crowds.

Artist Tasha Master and Author Jon Ray


The Tales, Tatters and Trinkets Tent at St. Ives Medieval Faire 2019.

Some of the highlights of this festival besides a good turnout of new readers were the funny Executioner that worked up the crowds across from our stall. There were plenty of medieval cosplays to be seen, jousting as always, Black Bear BBQ was there (they’ve become one of my favorite BBQ places in Sydney), and I got to hold a real owl for the first time as Lords of old used to. Like Ironfest and Winterfest, I’ll definitely make sure to attend this event again next year as I had a great time and good sales.

Funny executioner guy who was a riot.
Black Bear BBQ Stall at St. Ives Medieval Faire
I believe this is The Witcher and other medieval cosplayers.
Re-enactment tents
Re-enactment stall
Market Stalls at St. Ives Medieval Faire.
Market Stalls at St. Ives Medieval Faire.
Jousting Field
Re-enactment tents
Re-enactment tents
Lady Tasha and Lord Jon with the owl who appears to be bowing nobly towards us.

The video below will give you a taste of the sights to behold at St. Ives Medieval Faire just outside Sydney, Australia.

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